Turnkey Solutions

Twin Locust Barns, Inc. is committed to being your one-stop provider for all your storage solutions.

When you contact us your project will be our focus from beginning to end. You will not need to enlist anybody else to ensure the completion of your project.

You will receive a fully assembled building delivered on your property or, if access to your property is limited, your building can be constructed on-site to meet your needs.

Should you wish to have us prepare a site for you, a functional, yet attractive crushed stone pad will be constructed for your building to rest on.

The success of your project is our full responsibility. Should you need help with the permitting process, you will receive expert assistance.

Wood Shed Turnkey Solutions - pad prepared
Site preparation ready for crushed stone

Wood Shed Turnkey Solutions - pad prepared
Placement of stone for a dry flat foundation

Wood Shed Turnkey Solutions - pad leveled
Completion of a prepared site

Wood Shed Turnkey Solutions - shed delivered
Delivery of a fully assembled shed

Wood Shed Turnkey Solutions - shed leveled
New shed placed on solid level pad ready for storage

Wood Shed Turnkey Solutions - interior finished
Painted interiors brighten up your storage space

Member in good standing

Member in good standing

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