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Relocate Or Move Your Shed

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Life is full of changes!

The size of our storage space needs change, with the various phases of life. Twin Locust Barns can provide a new shed, in a size that works for you. List your old shed in the local Classifieds or on Craigslist and let us help you, with the shed moving logistics. When you get that much anticipated job promotion, and now you find yourself relocating, leave the shed relocation, to us. These are only a couple of examples of why you might need a shed moved, or relocated. Whatever the reason might be, we can provide the equipment and skills to move your portable building. The word portable is also a key word in the logistics of moving a shed. So contact us to receive a Shed Relocation estimate.

We need a few pieces of information from you, to be able give a Shed Relocation quote.

1 - Total shed height?
2 - Total shed width and length?
3 - Was the shed built as a portable building, using runners/skids as a foundation?
4 - Is the shed structurally sound to withstand the rigors of being moved?
5 - Address from where the shed is being moved?
6 - Address to where the shed is being moved?
7 - Billing address and phone #
8 - Person responsible for payment?