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Covered Seat Swings

When did you outgrow your love for swinging? Just because we are adults now doesn't mean we don't still love to feel the freedom of swinging with the air blowing our hair. Sure, maybe we aren't as carefree (or resilient) as we were when we were children, but we still love swinging.

  • Covered Love Seat Swings

    Our covered swings offer the fun of swinging, just like our swing sets for kids do, but with some adult add-ons for comfort! A full chair-like seat will support your back. The loveseat style means you and your sweetheart can enjoy holding hands while you push with your feet.

    On hot days, you will stay cool while watching the kiddies play. Your outdoor loveseat swing is covered with a roof, providing shade from the sun in summer. It also keeps you dry if you feel like 'swinging in the rain'. A light patter on the roof is romantic, you know.

    This swing with a stand, perfect for backyards, shady areas or even poolside. Place it where you can watch your children, or tuck it into a quiet area of your garden for some peaceful 'me time'. At only 6 x 6 with the roof and frame, this is a space-saving swing that the adults will love. If you prefer, you can have the swing made without the roof.

  • Outtoor Covered Free Standing Swing


  • Free Standing Porch Swing

    Do you remember the swing on your grandmother's porch? Where neighbors would gather in the cool evenings to sip tea and swap gossip? This is that swing, only better. Grandmother's swing is now a free standing porch swing - no porch required. Of course, you can place it on your porch. You can place it anywhere in your yard. Maybe you have a patio that would be a perfect spot? Near the picnic table for family barbecues or beside a stream - wherever you want a place to sit and rest, that's the perfect spot for your swing; even try placing it inside your sun room to use when the weather is cold and blustery. Curl up, grab your book and with one push you can enjoy a gentle swinging motion while the snow falls outside your windows.

    Yes, swinging was once a fun childhood pleasure. Today, grown-ups can once again enjoy the fun. Consider this mature swinging, without the high-thrills sure, but with the same free feeling and breeze in your hair of youth. So, grab your seat and let's get swinging again.

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