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Designed for the comfort, well-being, and easy care of your birds.

  • Well designed for nesting and roosting
  • Ventilation and easy access for feeding and cleaning
  • Provides the safety and health necessary for your flock investment

This is a hard working structure for your hardworking hens. Everything you need to promote the health and growth of your flock is designed into these coops.

With adequate natural light, air flow, and protection, your birds will have the environment to produce. With solid wood materials on the outside and inside (including nesting boxes), this is a building built to last.

Included Features:

  • Includes Board n Batten Pine siding plus choice of metal roofing or asphalt shingles
  • All Coops have walk-in door for feeding and cleaning and chicken ramp
  • The 4’x6’ Coop includes 6 nesting boxes, roosting bar, and 2 windows
  • The 4’x8’ Coop includes 8 nesting boxes, roosting bar, and 3 windows and vents

Chicken Coops--Smart design for your flock

4x6 Coop

4x6 Coop

Screen doors to keep your flock well ventilated

Nesting boxes

Free range

Add a coop to a shed