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A timeless and traditional look that will provide storage and workspace for the most avid hobbyist.
  • Functionally designed building for varied storage and workspace
  • Attention to details produces an attractive look to your landscape
  • High peak roof for the loft space you need


Whether you need wall space, floor space, or overhead storage, this handsome building can provide all of that and do it in style.

This shed definitely has the landscape enthusiast in mind with the kind of trim details that make a statement about your good design sense. More than another pretty building, the Carriage House Shed will give you the flexible storage options that make it earn its keep on your property.

Choose any of our shelving/bench packages to facilitate the organization or workspace for the gardener, recreationist, or woodworker in your family.

Included Features:

Includes two windows with screens and classic style shutters 24” by 36” and double doors

A single door is included on 6’ wide Carriage Houses.

All Carriage House Sheds have a steep roof pitch and an overhang of 8” on all sides

Detailed trim accents, recessed window sills, classic end vents, and ornamental hardware

Architectural shingles are standard

Sizes are 6’ wide by 8’ and 10’ long

8’ wide by 10’, 12’, 14’, and 16’ long

10’ wide by 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’, and 18’ long

12’ wide by 14’, 16’, 18’, and 20’ long

View Standard Shed Features

Classic Carriage House--Its classic looks set this shed apart from all others

Classic hardware and end vents
add to the detail

Classic Carriage House shed T1-11
wood siding 10' x 12'

A Carriage House makes your
landscape come alive

A steel roof shows one of
several custom options

Carriage House for storing pool supplies

Offering many storage opportunities