The Big Barn

When you have you an abundance of items and need to maximize space, the Big Barn Shed offers two levels of storage.

• Organize all of your garden and outdoor equipment

• Make use of overhead storage for seldom used items

• High walls give easy access to frequently used items


Without occupying additional ground space, the Big Barn Shed gives you plenty of storage room. Garden and recreational equipment can easily be placed on walls or floor space. Smaller items can be stored on wall shelves (see our wall storage packages).

If you still need additional space, there’s a great loft space overhead. Perfect for seasonal items or materials saved for that future project that you will get to one of these days. Everything in its place and protected from human and natural elements!

Included Features:

Includes one window and double doors

All Big Barn Sheds have 6’6” high walls (interior height)

End Vents to provide ventilation

Your choice of wood or vinyl siding

Offers the most cubic feet of storage space

Sizes are:

8’ wide by 10’,12’, 14’, and 16’ long

10’ wide by 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’, and 18’ long

12’ wide by 12’, 14’, 16’, 18’, 20’, 24’, 28’, and 32’ long

14’ wide by 20’, 24’, 28’, and 32’ long

Search our Current Inventory:

The Big Barn Shed

The Big Barn Shed
The Big Barn is your traditional storage building

The Big Barn Shed
Big Barn on stone pad with a ramp

The Big Barn Shed
Vinyl sided with doors on the end

The Big Barn Shed
Vinyl sided with doors on the side wall

The Big Barn Shed
Another variation of door and window layout

The Big Barn Shed
A dressed up Big Barn with shutters on side

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Member in good standing

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